Name of the Association / Society shall be “THE PETARIAN ASSOCIATION”, hereinafter referred as the Association

Founded in 1982, the Petarian Association become the focal point of gathering for all Petarians, particularly those in Pakistan. The association is a successor of the Petaro Old Boys Association (POBA) that existed informally for a few years in the late 1960s, and then became defunct.

Over these years, the association has hosted numerous functions that provide a social meeting ground for the Petarians and their families. The Association presently has over 1000 life members. Petarians are requested to patronize the Association by becoming life members.

The Commander Karachi (COMKAR) of the Pakistan Navy (who is the Chairman Board of Governors of Cadet College Petaro) has always been invited to be the Patron-in-Chief of the Association. The Principal of Cadet College Petaro is the Patron of the Association.

Social functions of the Association include musical nights, sports days, picnics, and gala events. These events have been crucial in bringing the families of the Petarians to know each other.

The Petarian Association, celebrated its Silver Jubilee (25 years of existence) with Mr. Mohammedmian Soomro as the Chief Guest. The function was organized on a grand scale on 13 January 2007.

In 2014, TPA gone through a major transformation and revival, where it aims to incorporate changes in its charter to convert it into a Global Alumni body of Petarians all over the world.

In December 2014,  The first Petarian Convention was organized from platform of TPA, it has been a mega event attended by 370 Petarians around the globe.


Note: This website is developed to provide a unified platform for all petarians around the world, this is a comprehensive website, which contains most of the information required to know for any petarian new to the Alumni and/or existing members. 

The website has been developed with information collected from many individual petarians and entities, data has been gathered from different sources i.e. Petarians websites, Cadet College Petaro, previous TPA website, yahoogroups and TPA members directories.

We are thankful to all following individuals and entities for their personal efforts in keeping up to date data and  creating different platforms for keeping petarians connected;

  1. Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui 671LF/341 for his great work in updating his personal website “” with huge and valuable  information about petaro and petarians. The information collected from has been big help while developing TPA website.
  2. Mashhood Qazi 7851 L/775, Shahbaz Malik 82105 IQ/127 & Muhammad Ghazali Wasti 8686 L/573 for developing first TPA website.
  3. Altaf Shaikh 47 L/51 has created first petarians directory and Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui 671LF/341 for publishing Petarians Directory.
  4. Creators of different yahoo groups for connecting petarians i.e. perarians@yahoogroups (Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui 671 LF)), petariantalk@yahoogroups (Nadeem Zaigham 808 LF/575), petarainassociation@yahoogroups (Waseem Ahmed 8648 MQ/503)
  5. Cadet College Petaro for providing suitable information and  support provided and facilitated all ex-cadets in accessing college facilities and information related to Petaro and Ex-Cadets.


  1. The Alumni Association of Cadet College Petaro, hereinafter referred to as the College, with the name of The Petarian Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association, is established to nurture, develop and promote feelings of brotherhood among all Petarians and also to keep up the traditional spirit of training obtained and life passed at the It will solely work for the betterment of the College, Petarians, Staff Members, and employees of the College. The Association will focus its activities for Petarians irrespective of their place of residence, whether in or outside Pakistan.
  2. The Association may undertake or participate in any project relating to health or education in Pakistan.
  3. The mission statement of the Association shall be “Connect, Support & Excel”.
  4. The Association shall have a mission and a guiding principle of connecting and engaging Petarians in productive activities to support fellow alumni and the college through meaningful programmes, benefits, services and open communication.
  5. The Association shall create opportunities for Petarians to contribute their time, talent and financial resources for the betterment of the alumni and the college.
  6. The Association shall provide opportunities to its members for professional development and networking.
  7. The Association shall develop communication and cooperation among faculty of the college, cadets and the members.
  8. The Association shall arrange a Petarians reunion or convention every two years. Provided that if the circumstances are not favorable in a particular year where it is not possible to hold the reunion or convention, the CEC may decide to postpone the same for a year or any further period approved by the Assembly.
  9. To offer assistance, as far as possible, to such Petarians and their families as may be in the need thereof.
  10. To promote such literary, cultural, social and athletic pursuits as the Association may decide from time to
  11. To raise and administer funds for educational, cultural and charitable
  12. To establish an endowment fund to be utilized for the help to a needy Petarian or the faculty member or the college to develop its infrastructure or meet its financial obligations as the case may be. Provided that such endowment fund shall be governed by the regulations governing such funds in Pakistan and its management shall be carried out jointly by a committee formed by the Assembly consisting of three members, namely, Chairman of the Assembly, President CEC and the Principal Cadet College Petaro.
  13. To undertake, do and perform all such acts, matters, things as may be desirable or necessary in the opinion of Central Executive Committee of the HQ or the Executive Committees of the Regional Chapters or the sub-branches as the case may be for accomplishment of the foregoing purpose and to open and operate bank account(s).
  14. The Association shall be governed by the Memorandum and the Articles attached herewith unless altered or amended or repealed in accordance with the procedure laid down in the bye-laws
  1. The registered office based at Cadet College Petaro shall be known and designated as the Headquarter (HQ) of the Association
  2. The branch offices shall be designated as “Regional Chapter”. The Regional Chapters shall be formed at Provincial Headquarters / Federal Capital / Divisional Headquarters and major cities, whether in Pakistan or in any other country, as may be declared fit to be a Regional chapter by the CEC. Karachi, Quetta, Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad, PANA (Petarian Association of North America), PASA Petarian Association of Saudi Arabia), PAUAE (Petarian Association of UAE), and PAUK (Petarian Association of UK) shall, however, be assumed to be permanent Regional

Provided that any Regional Chapter in or outside Pakistan shall be established in consultation with the CEC and approved by the Assembly. Such Chapters will perform all the functions of the Regional Chapter.

        Provided further that no Regional Chapter will be formed if the number of members living in that area is less than fifty.

Provided further that where members living in a country wish to form a Regional Chapter and the number of members living in that country is less than fifty, the condition set in the second proviso above shall not apply.

Provided further that the new Regional Chapter outside Pakistan shall be established according to its respective zone or region and shall cover the Petarians resident in their respective zone as demarcated by the CEC.

3. Such places like universities, institutions, neighborhoods, towns, countries, etc. where not less than ten members are available, the Regional Chapter may allow establishing of sub-branches for reasons of smooth and conducive working, by the name of that university, institution, neighborhood, town or country as the case may be and the same shall be attached to the Regional Chapter allowing establishment of the said sub-branch.

Provided that no sub-branch will be established without prior approval of the CEC


(1) Member

(i)    Every Petarian who has a valid kit number and has studied in the College for a minimum of one complete academic period of one year shall be deemed to be a member of the Association.

(ii)   The Central Executive Committee shall obtain list of Petarians leaving College every year from the college administration and record the names in the membership register including address and telephone number(s).

(iii)  The member will be required to intimate any change of address and telephone numbers, either directly to the HQ or Regional chapter or sub-branch where he resides by mail or email on the address to be notified on the website of the Association.

(iv)  The member will not be entitled to contest for any post in the HQ or Regional chapter or sub-branch till he gets a Life Membership.

(v)   The member shall be entitled to vote in the election for Assembly or the Central Executive Committee of the HQ or his respective Regional Chapter or sub-branch after getting himself registered as a voter as directed by the CEC or the Election Commissioner of the Association by following the set procedure.

(2) Life Member

(i) A member shall have the right to become Life Member by paying a fee set by the CEC and approved by the Assembly.

(ii) The life member shall be entitled to contest and vote for the Assembly, any post of the Central Executive Committee of HQ and Executive Committee of Regional chapter or sub-branch.

Provided that every cadet while studying at the College and otherwise qualifying to become a member shall be offered life membership of the Association at the time of but not after leaving the college on payment of a reduced amount of fee set by the CEC and approved by the Assembly.

Provided further that such life member shall not be entitled to vote or contest the elections during his stay in the College.

(iii) ) The member desiring to become a life member will be required to fill in the registration form available on the website of the Association or offices of the Association or its chapters.

(iv) Upon receipt of the registration form and the fees at the HQ, either directly or through a regional chapter, the CEC shall after being satisfied that the member fulfills the criteria set for the purpose from time to time grant membership number to the member and the member shall be intimated accordingly within fifteen days of the receipt of the form along with requisite fee at the HQ.

The Association shall have following tiers to manage its

  • The Petarian Assembly
  • Central Executive Committee of the HQ.
  • Executive Committees of the Regional Chapters.
  • Executive Committees of the sub-branches.



(i) The Headquarter (HQ) of the Association shall be at Cadet College Petaro. Its management shall vest in the Central Executive Committee so elected under clauses (v) and (vi) of sub article (3). The CEC shall be responsible for management of the Association and also for enforcement of “Memorandum and Articles of the Association” and any other bylaws or rules that may be framed by the Assembly for furtherance of the pursuits and objectives of the Association.


The CEC will consist of the following:-

(a) President

(b) Vice President

(c) General Secretary

(d) Treasurer

(e) Joint Secretary

(iii) The President shall have authority to create an additional post in the CEC with the approval of the CEC.

(iv) The President shall be a Petarian of minimum forty years of age who has passed out from the College after securing an SSC, HSC, O Level or A Level certificate and at least twenty years before contesting for the

(v) The President must have remained Life Members of the Association for a minimum of five years at time of filing of the nomination papers for the

(vi) The office bearers and Members of CEC shall be elected as per the following procedure:

(a) Date of the elections shall be announced by the Election

(b) Soon after announcement of the election applications shall be invited

(c) Only Life Members will be entitled to contest the

(d) Every member of the Executive Committees of all the Regional Chapters, whether jointly or severally, shall act as elector of the CEC.

(e) The determined number of seats shall stand earmarked to as many candidates who earn the highest

(f) In case of a tie or non-participation of any candidate against any post, the Election Committee shall conduct by-election and complete the process within forty five days of announcing the results of the main

(vii) The tenure of the CEC shall be Two Calendar years starting from first Monday of the month of February. Provided that the CEC shall continue to hold the office till a new CEC is elected

(viii) All the members of the CEC will be honorary members and shall not be entitled to any remuneration or allowance whether as matter of reimbursement of the expenses incurred in performance of duties of the Association or otherwise.

(ix) The CEC shall coordinate the inter-regional affairs of the Chapters and provide platform as requested by the Chapters to arrange functions, seminars, counseling lectures, sports events and such other undertakings. Provided that no Regional Chapter shall be barred from engaging in any activity with the College or the Petarians which is not otherwise against the mandate of the Association by the CEC merely on the grounds that the Chapter has not secured consent of the CEC.

(x) The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month and may meet as often as may be at the direction of the

(xi) The notices of the meeting along with agenda shall be provided to every committee member at least seven days before the date fixed for the meeting by post, e-mail, SMS, or other communication tools presently in vogue.

(xii) Emergency meeting may be called by the President if in his opinion circumstances have arisen to merit such a meeting at a notice of minimum 24

(xiii) Quorum of the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be at least fifth percent of the However no quorum shall be necessary for an adjourned meeting.

(xiv) All the office bearers and Members of CEC shall only contest and remain member of the CEC for two consecutive terms on any post and shall be allowed to contest the election for the next term with a gap of minimum one


(i) To look after the entire management of the

(ii) To confirm the proceedings of the last

(iii) To propose the name of Auditor in Assembly Meeting

(iv) To appoint one or more sub-committee(s) for specific purpose

(a) Such sub-committee shall cease to exist when the purpose for which it was formed, has been fulfilled

(b) Proposer of the specified concept or donor of the funds of the project shall also become part of the specified

(v) To select any scheduled bank to open a current or savings account or the account under Islamic provisions of banks for the custody of the funds of the Association. Such bank account shall be operated by the incumbent President and the Treasurer jointly.

(vi) To approve the Annual Budget of the Association.

(vii) To recommend to the Assembly for appropriate action or expulsion against any member or office bearer or committee member of CEC for any act done contrary to the aims and objects of the Association or behavior which is against the interest of the Association or which is likely to harm the integrity of the Association. Decision of the Assembly in such matter shall be considered as final.

(viii) To approve and disapprove the life membership of any member.

(ix) To appoint the staff for the Association and fix their

(x) To approach the Assembly to fill any vacancy for the remaining period of the tenure of the Central Executive Committee in case of resignation, death, insolvency or such other event of a member.

(xi) To receive and dispense the scholarships and donations as and when collected on the call of the Assembly.

(xii) To hold convention, seminars, functions, sports events, reunions, and such other endeavors at the College in consultation with the College administration.



The President shall preside at all the meetings of the Central Executive

(a) He shall supervise and be responsible for the entire working and management of the Association and its

(b) He shall represent the Association in the Board of Governors (BoG) of the College on the second seat reserved for the Petarians in the BoG. He shall also finalize the list of applicants and recommend names for admission in the College against the quota reserved for sons of Life Members in consultation with the Chairman of the Assembly, the CEC and the ECs of the Regional Chapters.


(a) He shall preside the meetings of the CEC in absence of the President.

(b) He shall assist the President and manage affairs of the CEC in his

(c) He shall assist the President to manage events & fun ctions of the

(d) He shall assist the President and the General Secretary to maintain contact with the Regional Chapters.


(a) He shall maintain a Register of Members and Life Members.

(b) He shall keep complete record of the meetings and proceedings of the Assembly and the CEC and issue minutes of all meetings to be published on various electronic forums approved by the CEC.

(c) He shall conduct the proceedings of the AGM or SAGM and record the minutes of the said meetings and shall publish them on various electronic forums approved by the CEC.

(d) He shall preside over the proceedings of the Assembly in case the Chairman of the Assembly is not available to conduct the proceedings.

(e) He shall maintain contact with the Regional Chapters.

(f) He shall do all correspondence and maintain record of the

(g) He shall take steps for compliance of the Resolutions passed by the Assembly, the CEC and the

(h) He shall maintain the office and do all executive work of the

(i) He shall supervise and maintain website of the Association and official groups on the social media.

(j) He shall call meetings of the Assembly and the CEC in consultation with the Chairman and the President for their respective

(k) He shall circulate notices, agenda and minutes of all the

(l) He shall prepare annual

(m) He shall distribute, share and assign duties to members of the CEC as and when required, in addition to the defined responsibilities of their

(n) He shall be responsible to monitor, keep record and reply to all correspondence on TPA recognized forums in consultation with the President.


(a) He shall prepare and submit the monthly accounts to the CEC

(b) He shall maintain the Register of Accounts of the income and expenditure of the

(c) He shall prepare the Annual Account Reports in league with the Auditors to be placed before the CEC and the AGM.


(a) He shall officiate for the General Secretary in his absence and will discharge all the duties of the General Secretary.

(b) He shall do all such duties as may be assigned to him by the President and the CEC.



(i) In addition to the already existing Chapters and subject to sub article (2) of article 2 of the memorandum members may form themselves into a Regional Chapter to further the aims and objects of the Association. The CEC shall initiate formation of the Regional Chapter and the Chapter shall become operative after approval of the Assembly.

(ii) Regional Chapters formed under clause (i) shall have REGIONAL Executive Committee (REC) with a maximum of TEN Life members elected locally as provided hereunder. The tenure of the REC shall be two years starting from first Monday of the month of January.

Provided that where a Regional Chapter does not have enough life members or the members deem it necessary for the convenience of smooth functioning, the members may decide to have small number of office bearers and executive committee members but in no case they shall be less than five.

Provided further that the Regional Chapters may decide to call their office bearers with the designations, such as, Coordinator, Regional President, etc. suited to their places of situation or local customs.

(iii) Life Members and Members registered for the purpose of election with the Election Committee residing in the area covered by each Regional Chapter shall act as electors for the respective Chapters.

(iv) The Election Commissioner shall announce the date for elections which shall be a weekly holiday of the second week of the month of December immediately preceding the month of January in which the term of the new REC is to commence.

(v) The announcement of the date for election shall be made at least one month but not more than two months prior to the date of election.

(vi) The election criteria for the REC shall be similar as provided in clause (iv) of sub article (3).

Provided that the President of the REC shall be a Petarian of minimum forty years of age who has passed out from the College after securing an SSC, HSC, O Level or A Level certificate at least twenty years before contesting the election.

Provided further that the President must have remained Life Member of the Association for a minimum of five years at the time of filing of the nomination papers.

(vii) REGIONAL CHAPTER WORKING: Subject to clause (ii) of sub article (4) the Regional Chapter will be run by the elected Executive Committee called the Regional Executive Committee. The strength of the REC shall be:

(a) President

(b) Vice President

(c) General Secretary

(d) Treasurer

(e) Joint Secretary

(f) Five Elected Members

(viii) The function of the office bearers and members of the REC shall be similar to the functions of the office bearers of the CEC, but their jurisdiction will remain restricted to the activities of their respective Regional Chapters. The President or his nominee, who may be any member of the REC, may attend the meetings of the CEC to keep close liaison with the Headquarter.

(ix) The RECs may interact with the college administration for carrying out any visit, social or sports activity, or for the betterment of the College and Petarians under intimation to the President CEC within the frame work of Articles of

(x) Forty percent of the subscription fee for Life Membership collected by the Regional Chapters shall be paid to the Headquarter at the end of every calendar month, and the balance sixty percent will be utilized as per decision of the REC, however, payment can also be forwarded on case to case

(xi) Application for Life Membership received at a Regional Chapter shall be forwarded duly accompanied by the recommendation to the CEC which shall consider the application in its next meeting and communicate its decision to the Chapter and the applicant.

(xii) The RECs shall submit an annual report including accounts statement to the CEC through its President or his

(xiii) The REC shall operate within the ambit of the Articles and Memorandum of

(xiv) The Presidents of the Regional Chapters shall submit the Annual Report of their respective chapters by 31st of October every year to the CEC, which shall compile all reports and present them in the AGM.

(7) The REC will conduct its meetings in accordance with the provisions of the clauses (ix), (x), (xi) and (xii) of sub article (3) mutatis mutandis.

(8) Provisions of clause (xiii) of sub article (3) shall apply to number of terms served by the members of the RECs.

Provided that nothing contained in this article shall prevent any member from contesting election for the Assembly or CEC without availing gap of minimum one term.

(9) SUB-BRANCH: The Executive Committee of Regional Chapters may allow establishment of one or more sub-branches at places they deem appropriate.

Provided that no sub-branch shall be established where the number of members is less than Ten (10).

Provided further that the EC of the sub-branch shall be managed by two Life Members to be designated by the REC as Local Representatives who shall work under administrative authority of the said Regional Chapter.