About Event

This was our first get together over lunch on Sept 23, 2012 in the beautiful scenic site near Patriata where some of our Petarian brothers are developing a private resort.
For past few events, I’ve been trying to include closeups of each attendee to show you their current faces closely. I have tried it here as well, hope you will get your surprises.

Congratulations to Tallat bhai on organizing this successful event once again, and for the participation of friends from Peshawar and Karachi

Those who attended this gathering

178/L – Aslam Khan (from Peshawar)
263/A – Adm. Saeed Sargana
297/LF – Brig Abid Abaidullah
488/LF – Major Moinuddin Baig
517/L – Ataullah Khan (from Peshawar)
530/LF – Tariq Pervez
533/Q – Brig. Dr. Nasim Akhtar Khan
590/J – Tallat Mahmood Khan
604/Q – Major Zulfiqar Kayani
671/LF – Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui
788/L – Younus Changezi “Tarzan” (from Quetta/Karachi)
837/A – Lt.Col. Tajammal Wahid Khan
975/L – Khalid Asadullah Khan
6928/LF – Ateeq Nawaz
6952/LF – Asif Samad
6981/A – Amjad Ali
69101/LF – Dr. Ashraf Hussain
69131/L – Dr. Javed Iqbal Malik
N-29/Q – Cdre. Misbahuddin Chohan
7166/Q – Masood Zaman
N-39/Q – Cdre. M. Azhar
7415/A – CaptPN Javaid Iqbal Mughal
7464/LF – Emran Ahmed
7571/I – Major Aamir Rehman Syed (from Karachi)
8416/LF – Abdul Fattah Ujjan
8448/Q – Cdr. Rashid Khanzada
84105/A – Syed Manzar Abbas
84116/L – Ayaz Ahmed
84152/L – Imran Latif
95137/I – Major Adnan Sharif
96181/J – Imran Akhtar
2003043/J – Talha Mujahid