1. Silver Jubilee Mega Family Event held at Bahria Auditorium on January 13, 2007 was the most successful event ever in the history of The Petarian Association. Over 1300 plus Petarians & their family members participated in the event.
  2. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Honorable Chairman Senate of Pakistan, Mr. Mohammedmian Soomro. The Event started with the the recitation from Holy Quraan by Lt.Cdr. Azad Iqbal PN.
  3. President of The Petarian Association, Mr. Shahbaz Ali Malik then formally welcomed all the distinguished guests in his welcome speech. He gave a brief overview about the Association activities throughout the year. He concluded his speech with the message of brotherhood, love, peace, harmony and unity amongst all Petarians.
  4. The President’s speech was followed by the Award Distribution Ceremony. Lt.Cdr. Rao Badar Shafat PN, who was the stage secretary of the event invited the award winners to receive their awards from the Chief Guests. There were many categories of awards, like; Life Time Achievement Award, Petarian Humanitarian Award, Best Service Award, Best Worker Award, Silver Managing Committee Award, etc and this will continue each year.
  5. Silver Jubilee Momentos were also made for the Founder Members of the Association, Past Presidents of the Association, Financial Patrons of the Association, Founder & Current Patron-in-Chief of the Association, Event Managers of various events, Position Holders of CCP, Teaching Faculty of CCP, Founder & Current Patron of CCP, Organizers of the Silver Jubilee Mega Event, etc.
  6. Few of the main awards were given by the Chief Guest himself a then he was invited to say few words. Mr. Soomro in his speech assured of his support to the Association. Chief Guest speech was followed by delicious dinner.
  7. The main part of the event then came in shape of Musical Show. Dr. M. Azam Virk was the compere of the show. Prominent among those who performed that night included Faakhir, Shazia Khushk, Naeem Abbas Rufi, Saleem Javed, Shehzad Raza, Liaquat Soldier, etc. There were many singers left in the line, but night proved to be very short.
  8. Nobody was prepared to leave and we had to end the show. The good part of the show was, Ramesh Bherwani, Kit No. 1 to Cross Belts of CCP, Cdr.(R) Asrarullah, Founder Patron & Abid Saleem bhai, Current Patron, Dr. Ikram Ghani, Founder GS and myself the current GS and many more examples like these were present at the event. Petarians traveled all the way from USA, Canada, Dubai, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Sukkur, Sanghar, Khairpur, Lahore, Jacobabad and other parts of the world and Pakistan specially to attend the event. The colorful & eventful night ended at around 5 AM in the morning.
  9. Many Diplomats traveled from Islamabad to attend the event, that also includes the diplomats and dignitaries from Karachi city as well. We are thankful to them for sparing their valuable time for Petarians.
  1. In the end, we would like to thank each and every member of the Organizing Committee of the Silver Jubilee Mega Event, as without them, we could not arrange such a successful event in the history of The Petarian Association. In special, I want to thank Ghazali Wasti, Junaid, Saad, Minhaj, Ehsan, Noman, Muntazir, Kashif, Adnan, Faizan, Hasan, Ansaar, Touqeer, Touseef, Sajid, Zuhaib and many many more brothers. My apologies for unintentional omission of any name. Please forgive me if I missed someone’s name.
  2. We want to thank our young brothers, who are the life of our every event, as without their participation, we could not have danced whole night.
  3. We want to thank all our brothers who traveled from all over to specially attend the biggest event of the Association.
  4. And we want to thank each and every participant of the event, as without them it could not be as bigger as it really was.
  5. Thanks to all who couldn’t make it to the event. They missed the biggest one, but their moral support gave us the strength to work more and more to make this event a success.
  6. On behalf of the President Mr. Shahbaz Ali Malik, and the Members of the Managing Committee, we are thankful to each and every member and worker, who played their part in making the Mega Event a real success. Thank you all of you.We shall always remain sincerely yours,

General Secretary (2005-2006)
The Petarian Association (HQs)