Prof. Naveedul Islam Sarosh

Lecturer of Urdu (1993-1994)

Prof. Naveed Sarosh – 2010

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif


Prof. Naveedul Islam Sarosh (now known as “Naveed Sarosh”)  joined Cadet College Petaro in 1993 as Lecturer of Urdu and left in 1994. 

He was born on 6 November 1968. He is still single. 

Naveedul Islam Sarosh completed his Matriculation from High School in Mirpurkhas in 1983. He then obtained his B.A. degree from Govt. Model College Mirpurkhas in 1988 and M.A. in Urdu in 1992 from Sindh University (Old Campus in Hyderabad) with First Class Second Position.  In later years, he got a second M.A. in Islaimic History in 2009.

Shortly after completing his M.A. Urdu from Sindh University, he joined Cadet College Petaro as a Lecturer at the Urdu Department in 1993 and remained in that position until 1994. He then joined Govt of Sindh Education Department, and was employed at Govt Boys College Matli from 1995-1995. Since then, he has been working at Shah Abdul Latif Govt College, Mirpurkhas and is currently employed as Assistant Professor.

Naveed Sarosh has been one of the Editors of the magazine “Pehchaan”, Mirpurkhas. As of January 2011, 21 issues have been published. 

He has also published hundreds of articles in several magazines and journals of Pakistan and India, including Al-Aqraba’ , Sukhan Zaar (Karachi), Chahar Su, Al-Hamra, Ghanimat, Khayal, Sukhanwar, Adad Shanas, Adab Dost, Kundan, Riwayat, Adabiyat, Mah-e-Nau, Tahreer, Tajdeed-e-Nau, Afaq, Gardish, Insha, and Rabita.

He has also written articles in the newspapers JangNawa-e-WaqtExpress, Akhbar-e-Jahan, Riyasat, Kaleem, Nikhar, Pasbaan, Bashaarat, Jur’at and Seerat

In 1991, he was given the Best Poet award by the Diamond Friends Association of Mirpurkhas.

He is the founding President of Dastak at Mirpurkhas, and the Founding Caretaker of the literary society Mukalima at Mirpurkhas. In addition he is one of the founding members of the literary society Chaupal, Mirpurkhas, Convener of Abbasi Welfare Association, Mirpurkhas. 

Naveed Sb’s personal letterhead has the following couplets printed on top.