Prof. Ahrar Hussain Baig

Professor of Chemistry (1975-2005)

Prof. Ahrar Baig – 2011

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Mr. Ahrar Hussain Baig joined Cadet College Petaro as lecturer of Chemistry in 1975 and retired as Professor and Head of Department of Chemistry in 2005.

He was born on 14 July 1945 at Banaras city in India. He got married to Mrs. Zameer-un-Nisa on 12 February 1971. They have 5 children – Asif 84113/Iqbal House, Nazish, Fariha, Samreen and Danish 92139/Jinnah House.

Ahrar Sb is now settled down in Karachi.

At the time of his birth, his father was employed at Azamgarh, but the family was settled in Banaras. Three years after independence of Pakistan, the family migrated and moved to Peshawar in 1950. Then they moved again to Karachi in 1953 where his father was employed in the police department.

His early education was at Vastania Government School in Karachi until 7th class. His father was transferred to Baghdadi Thana colony, and thus the young Ahrar Baig joined Bihar Colony Government High School in 8th class and completed his matric from there in 1959. He then joined S.M. Science College. However due to illness he lost a year, and finally completed his Intermediate in 1962 and B.Sc. in 1964 from that college.

Soon after his graduation, he joined Abdullah Haroon School as a Chemistry teacher and worked there for a year in 1964-1965. He then decided to get his master’s degree and got admission to Karachi University. He obtained his M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from there in 1967.

After his master’s degree, he rejoined Abdullah Haroon School and worked for two more years between 1967-1969. That year, he joined the Wool Test House as a Hair Research Assistant. His job was to do research and analysis on hair of goats of different breeds for use in the carpet industry. After working a year, he left them in 1970 with all the troubles in the country after the resignation of President Ayub Khan.

In 1970, he joined Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) as a Food Analyst. He was in charge of the chemical analysis laboratory for testing food products. He worked there for 5 years until 1975. This was a difficult job due to heavy pressures of corruption where people wanted their inferior products passed. He prayed to get out of it and finally he got a chance to get back into the field of education.

He applied for a teaching job at Cadet College Petaro and was interviewed at Noor Mohd. High School, Hyderabad. He was selected and finally joined the college in April 1975 as Lecturer. He served Petaro for 30 years until his retirement in 2005.

At Petaro, he was the House Master of Ayub House between 1982-1989. He was also in charge of the poultry farm for 20 years, and he was the pioneer of the beverage plant. At this beverage plant, they were producing different types of beverages like cola, orange drink and sprite type drink for consumption by the cadets and the colony residents.

He was also the Patron of the Chemical Hobbies Club between 1976-1986. He tried to bring innovation into the club by showing cadets how to produce cosmetics, boot polish and other items of home use.

Ahrar sb was promoted to the rank of an Assistant Professor in 1980 and as professor in 1997. At the same time, he was also appointed the Head of Department of Chemistry that same year. He was given the Best Teacher of the Year award by the college in 2000.

After his retirement from Petaro, he moved to Karachi. Initially he joined the Pakistan Navy Shipyard Training School as Chemistry teacher between 2005-2007. He then worked as a chemistry teacher at Escort School, Karachi between 2007-2008. Since then he has been leading a retired life in Karachi.

Prof. Ahrar Baig – 1976

Prof. Ahrar Baig – 1984

Prof. Ahrar Baig – 1987


Prof. Ahrar Baig – 2005