Prof. Agha Khalil Ahmed

Professor of English (1966-1968)

Prof. Agha Khalil Ahmed – 2004

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Mr. Agha Khalil Ahmed was professor of English Language at Cadet College Petaro from 1966-1968.

He was born on 1 January 1937, and got married to Mrs. Nuzhat on 28 January 1968 while he was at Petaro. They have two children.

Agha Khalil Sb was a very popular figure during his short stay at Petaro. He was also the Assistant House Master of Latif House during those days.

Agha Khalil Sb had been in the Pakistan Air Force before he joined Petaro.

I recall how he used to interact with the cadets so well during our Petaro days. When I met him in 2004 – 35 years after I left Petaro, he reminded me that I had beat him in the game of Scrabble when I was in Matric. It was such a good feeling that he not only remembered me, but he remembered that incident so well. Such is the greatness of these teachers of ours.

Soon after he joined the college, he was given charge of the English Debating Club for a year in 1966. In his patronage, he groomed a number of fine debaters. He was also the Patron of The Cadet magazine in 1968.

After Petaro, he held different positions, and eventually became the Principal of Sadiq Public School.

After his retirement, he chose to settle down in Karachi. At present he is the Principal of the Army Public School in Malir.