About Event

Report By: Wasif Malik, 7402/Liaquat
Amazing job. You have outdone yourself with this presentation Adil. The comments act as spicy topping and make it fun to relate to each picture.
Like to express my thanks and gratitude to Mansoor Single bhai for his graceful and easy going presence on a short notice and making a 3.5 hr drive to meet us.
A little note about Petarian spirit: Met Maqbool Bhai (kit number 371) at a wedding ceremony this weekend. I told him about the petarian get together and he promised to join us next time. He met most petarians first time during my surprise birthday. He enjoyed the company of petarians and I told him how everyone remembered all the jokes he cracked. He told me that he met petarians after more than 30 years, and he had so much fun, and totally lost himself telling all the jokes ONLY because there were Petarians around him, otherwise he would never tell these jokes in any other gathering. He also has the distinction of getting caned by Col Coombes. Now I know two Bhaijans, who have had this honor. I am sure the second bhaijan is reading this now and getting a chuckle. This bhaijan likes to trade on the Pacific.
Thanks to all Dallas Area Petarians for acting as a team and making this event successful. There is truly great chemistry, understanding and bhai chara between all Dallas petarians.
Thanks to all visitors. Your love and the routine visits to Dallas are uplifting.