The Twenty Third Adjutant of CCP (1998-2000)

Year at Petaro:  1998-2000 as Adjutant and 1980-1985 as Cadet

Birth: 30/11/1967 Marriage: 11/07/1998

No. of Children: 03

As Cadet at CCP: Naseer Ahmed Bunda, kit no. 8078/Jinnah House joined Cadet College Petaro in 1980 in 8th class and left the college in 1985 after completing his Intermediate.

Company: Pakistan Navy

Position: Unknown

Home: D 4/3, Naval Heights Karachi

Tel: (021) 4850-7415 Mobile: 0333-228-6656

Office: NI Directorate, Karachi

Tel: (021) 4850-6061