Dr. Madad Ali Qadri

Lecturer of Sindhi (1958-1959)

Prof. Dr. Madad Ali Qadri – 2011

By Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif

Dr. Madad Ali Qadri joined Govt. Cadet College Mirpurkhas (later known as Cadet College Petaro) in 1958 as Assistant Master in Sindhi, and left in 1959.  

He was born on 20 August 1933 at Garhi Qadri (near Garhi Khuda Bakhsh) in Dist. Larkana, and got married to Mrs. Zubaida. They have 6 children – Shahab Ahmad, Waqar Ahmad, Dr. Jawad Ahmad, Fouad Ahmad, Dr. Sadaf Fatima and Muniza Fatima. His father was Mahmood Ali alias Morio Khan Qadri.

Dr. Madad Ali Qadri is an eminent scholar of Arabic and is highly respected in scholarly circles in Sindh.

He started his early education at Local Board High School in Nawabshah. After completing 4th standard, he moved to Larkana and joined the Govt. High School there. He completed his matriculation from there in 1952, attaining 3rd position in entire Sindh province.

He then pursued further education from home and sat privately for his B.A. Hons degree privately from Sindh University in 1957, and M.A. (Arabic) degree in 1959. He was awarded the Silver Medal for his performance in B.A.Hons, and a Gold Medal and the Chancellor’s Medal for standing first with first division marks in M.A.

Madad Ali Qadri Sb is an expert in Arabic and Sindhi language. While he was still studying privately for his M.A., he took up his first job Cadet College Mirpurkhas (later to be known as Cadet College Petaro) from 1958-1959. He was appointed as Assistant Master to teach Sindhi and Arabic.

With a superb performance in his M.A. exams, he moved to Govt College Larkana as a lecturer from 1959-1960, and then joined Sindh University as Lecturer of Arabic in 1960. The rest of his professional career was at Sindh University.

In 1962, he qualified for the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and proceeded to the UK on full scholarship to pursue his Ph.D. degree. He joined the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and completed his Ph.D. in 1964. His supervisors were the famous Prof. R.B.Sergeant and Prof. Walid Arafat.

Upon return to Pakistan, he resumed his job at Sindh University as Assistant Professor of Arabic and became Associate Professor in 1970. In 1975, he was promoted to the position of Professor and appointed Director and Head of Department of Arabic and Islamic Culture.

In 1988, he reached the pinnacle of his career and was made the Dean Faculty of Arts.  He remained in this position until 1993 when he retired. However, after his retirement, he was given the honorary position of Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Languages, Sindh University on contract basis.  He is regarded very highly in the academic circles.

He is the author of 2 books that have been published as follows:

  1. Hayat Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab (in Sindhi), Ministry of Awqaf, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2001

  2. Arabi awr Sindhi zaban kay lughawi rawabit (in Sindhi), Sindhi Language Authority, Hyderabad, 2007

He has recently completed writing his third book which is about the life and poetry of Hz. Hassan Bin Thabit in Sindhi. This book is expected to be published soon.

He has authored over 30 scholarly articles that have been published in various journals. He has written on Shah Abdul Latif, Sachal Sarmast, influence of Sindhi language on Arabic, Arab nationalism and several other subjects. He has delivered lectures at international and local conferences. He has lectured at the Muslim Institute in London, UK in 1985 and at the Tripoli conference in 1990.

Prof. Madad Ali Qadri belongs to the Barelwi maslak.

Prof. Dr. Madad Ali Qadri – 2009