DINNER with Prof. Anwar Ali Shah (VP) and Maj. Adnan Sharif (adjutant) at Dubai – 24 June 2011

About Event


UAE Petarians gathered over a dinner hosted in the honor of our respectable teacher Prof. Anwar Ali Shah Sahib (Vice Principal CCP) and Maj. Adnan Sharif (kit no. 95137, and serving Adjutant CCP) on June 24, 2011, Friday at Barbecue Delights, JBR, Dubai. Both of the honorable Guests were on personal visit to UAE.

The Dinner was attended by 23 Petarians who came along with their families from Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Um-al-Quwain emirates of United Arab Emirates.

The event started at 07:30pm. The patwari gup shup continued as usual, which kept on getting vigorous with the arrival of each additional Petarian.

Dinner started after the arrival of Honorable Guest, Prof. Anwar Ali Shah Sahib, who met each Petarian personally. Various matters related to Petaro and Cadets were discussed in general on the dinner table.

All attendees paid their warm regards to respected Guest Shah Sahib

Adnan Sharif (Adjutant CCP) was warmly welcomed by all, he gave brief presentation regarding various activities of the college and initiatives / improvements being made in Petaro.

On behalf of all Petarians of UAE, the President PAUAE requested Shafiq Ansari Bhaijan to present a gift to our honorable teacher Prof. Anwar Ali Shah Sahib. Shah Sahib expressed his appreciation for hosting thedinner and giving an opportunity to meet Petarians in UAE.

The President, PAUAE thanked all for attending the dinner.

The dinner lasted till 11:30PM.




Those who attended this gathering

1. Shafiq Ansari bhaijan (478)
2. Manzoor Hussain Banbhan bhaijan(7816)
3. Nasir Ahmed Mehmood bhaijan (79113)
4. Khalid Hussain Ranjhani (82125)
5. Ali Akbar (8434)
6. S. Mohsin Abbas Bilgrami (8641)
7. Najib ur Rehman Janjua (8876)
8. Imran Ali Memon (9129)
9. Nabeel Ahmed Khan (9184)
10. Shahzad Khurrum Bajwa (91155)
11. Syed Ahmed Ali Shah (93103)
12. Mohammed Ali Channa (93111)
13. Manak Saleem (9506)
14. Mohammad Ali Bhatti (9527)
15. Fayyaz Ali (9541)
16. Kamran Turk (9553)
17. Farhat Abbas Naqvi (9566)
18. Ayaz (9581)
19. Faiq Sheikh (95140)
20. Faisal Arain (96133)
21. Kamran Malik (96102)
22. Asif Shah (9689)
23. Imdad Ali Shah (9924)