Dear Petarians

As Salam Alaikum


Newly elected CEC – TPA had its first meeting (pre-oath taking) on 26th February 2017 via Skype call.


The following members attended the meeting: –

  • Nasir Mehmood                 President
  • M. Farooq Azam                Vice President
  • Khalid Ranjhani                   General Secretary
  • Abdul Aziz Korai                Joint Secretary General
  • Javaid Soomro                   Member
  • Ehsan Danish                                   Member




Minutes of the Meeting

Mr. Nasir Mehmood (President, The Petarian Association) chaired the meeting of CEC.


The above members of CEC – The Petarians Association joined meeting from different parts of the world (Pakistan, UAE, UK and USA) via a Skype call facilitated by Ehsan Danish (from USA). The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the roles and responsibilities of each member and discuss on objectives of CEC for 2017-18, discussion points and update is as follows;


Item Comments and Decision Responsibility
Objectives of 2017-18 All members joined the discussion and proposed ideas for finalizing the objectives of CEC for 2017-18. The CEC will meet again to discuss further and announce the objectives, programs and execution plans to the Petarians community.

The immediate actions are as follows;

1.     Petarian Convention 2017; Finalize the date for Petarian Convention 2017. And

2.     Launch of new TPA Website.

GS to follow up with all members on more ideas and input and schedule a meeting by end of march.



The date will be announced soon.

TPA website will be launched on 3rd March 2017.

Roles and Responsibilities Apart from defined roles (as per TPA Bylaws) of each member of CEC, in order to share the responsibilities and involve each and every member of CEC in affairs of CEC TPA. Following has been discussed and agreed;


Formation of Following committees

1.     Planning Committee

2.     Execution Committee

3.     Education/Career counseling committee


1. Planning Committee;

Planning committee will be comprise of following members and further members may be added as and when required,

–       M. Farooq Azam

–       Khalid Ranjhani

–       Javaid Soomro

The committee will work as Think-tank of CEC TPA, and propose plans for Petaro and Petarians, these proposals will be discussed within CEC and approved proposals will be implemented.


2. Execution Committee;

Execution committee will be comprise of following members and further members may be added as and when required,

–       Abdul Aziz Korai

–       Sarfraz Bahrani

–       Najamuddin Bhatti

The committee will be responsible to execute all approved plans and projects by CEC.




3. Education and Career Counseling Committee;

A team comprise of following members have been formed for above specific objective and further members may be added as and when required;

–       Khalid Ranjhani

–       Ehsan Danish

–       Aamir Ghafoor

–       Farhn Ashraf Arain

The team will be working closely with CCP administration to develop programs for improve the education standards at Petaro, which is to identify the need of additional trainings and support required for teachers and Cadets to uplift the standard of education and arrange career counseling sessions for outgoing cadets.

VP TPA and GS TPA will coordinate and follow-up with teams and review the progress on regular basis.


President CEC will act as sponsor of the committees and oversee the progress of each and every committee member.





Khalid Ranjhani 82125 J

General Secretary TPA