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Dear Brothers
assalamo alaikum

The Lahore Annual Petarian get-together held on 24 December 2011 was a highly successful event. 55 Petarians / ex-teachers came over to enjoy the evening. The dinner was excellent and the food was sumptuous.

The old and young Petarians were very happy to meet each other. We also exchanged gifts with each other. The gifts were distributed through balloting. The King gift (instant geyser) was won by Dr. Khalid Jameel Akhter, Kit No.7025 (Big Brother). Petarians data was updated.

Kazi Zulkader brought copies of the Petarian Directory as a gift from Islamabad for all the Lahore Petarians. Everyone was very happy to see the book and to take a copy home.

The session started with tilawat-e-Qur’an by Mohammad Ali Khan Durrani bhai, kit no. 482/Latif. Then Wamiq Anwar welcomed all those in attendance and made a point that this will be a new beginning for the Lahore Petarians. We intend to have regular gathering henceforth.

Lt.Col.(R) Sultan Sikander Ghumman, 766/Latif then became the moderator of the session and invited the following to speak:

Lt.Col.(R) Sultan Sikander Ghumman, 766
Prof. Afsar Hussain Rizvi, ex-Urdu teacher
Ali Naqi Naqvi, kit no. 2
Iftekhar Alavi, Kit no. 40
Tariq Gulzar, kit no. 247
Mojiz Raza, kit no. 276
Cdr(R) Shahbaz Khan, ex-Adjutant
Lt.Col.(R) Javed Rashid, kit no. 423
Perways Inam, kit no. 567
Rifaquat Cheema, kit no. 722
Tariq Ismail, kit no. 911
Zahid Hussain Khokhar, kit no. 6991
There was a break for dinner. Then after dinner, all the participants introduced themselves, followed by addresses to the gathering by the following:

Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, kit no. 671
Dr. Khalid Jameel Akhtar, kit no. 7025
A number of good suggestions were made by different speakers, and many of them committed to attend the Petarian Convention in March 2011. At the end, there was a discussion and following decisions were taken.

There will be a Coordination Committee for all Lahore activities and for organizing future get-togethers on monthly basis. The members of the Coordination Committee are as follows:

Mian Wamiq Anwar, Kit No. 659
Sajid Latif Minhas, Kit No. 625
Syed Mohammed Ali Nawaz, Kit No. 663
Lt.Col. Sultan Sikander Ghumman, Kit No. 766
Ashar Mahmood Malik, Kit No. 8135
If any other Petarian is interested to join the Coordination Committee, he may send kindly contact Mian Wamiq Anwar (0321-9426427)

The theme of the get-together was to promote or help other Petarians or their children / grandchildren in all walks of life.

Book of respectable Urdu teacher Mr. Mukhtar Siddiqui was purchased by many Petarians.

Kazi Zulkader, Talat Mehmood Khan, Masood Hassan Khan, Emran Ahmed and Imran Latif, came from Islamabad to attend the function. Lahore Petarians were very happy to welcome Petarians from Islamabad.

Rifaquat Cheema 722 was our guest from USA and Asif Ahmed 866 from UK.

Our Teachers who attended the get together were:

Professor Afsar Hussain Rizvi ex-Urdu Teacher
Professor Nasir Mehmood Malik ex-Electricity Teacher
Cdr.(R) Shahbaz Ahmed Khan ex-Adjutant

Those who attended this gathering

Ali Naqi Naqvi
Major. (R) Iftikhar Saeed Alvi
Tariq Gulzar Khalid
Lt.Col.(R) Syed Mojiz Raza
Lt.Col.(R) Javed Rashid
Muhamad Ali Khan Durrani
Lt.Col.(R) Javed Akhtar Gondal
Abid Latif Minhas
Sheikh Perways Inam
Maj. Arshad Manj
Mr. Tallat M. Khan
Sajid Latif Minhas
Tanvir Akhtar Dasti
Mian Wamiq Anwar
Major. (R) Khalid Hassan Lodhi
Syed Muhammad Ali Nawaz
Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui
Rifaquat Cheema
Safiuddin Ahmad
Masood Khan
Zahoor Ahmed Khan Wardag
Lt.Col. Sultan Sikandar Ghumman
Asif Ahmed
Mirza Imtiaz Ahmed
Prof. Tariq Ismail
Imtiaz Ahmed Gondal
Nadeem Ur Rehman Khan
Pervaiz Akhtar
Zahid Pervez
Sajjad Haider Chaudhry
Lt. Col. (R) Naveed Mushtaq Gill
Capt. Zahid Hussain Khokhar
Dr. Pervaiz Imtiaz
Dr. Khalid Jamil Akhtar
Tanvir Aqdas Tirmazi
Emran Ahmed
Munawar Ali Chaudhry
Imran Latif
Dr. Asif Iqbal
Haris Younus Syed
Asif Masood
Dr. Sajjad Mubin
Waris Ali Nadeem
Zaheer Ahmed
Dr. Mujahid Ali Chandio
Faisal Mehmood
Rashid Hassan Chandio
Lt. Cdr. Abdul Rasool
Lt. Cdr. Moddassir Javaid
Lt. Cdr. Aadil Siddiqui
Hafiz Haroon

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