ANNUAL DINNER – ISLAMABAD PETARIANS (PI), Navy Swimming Pool – December 2010

About Event

Dear Friends,
– We had a wonderful dinner, and enjoyed a beautiful Mehafil e Ghazal on Saturday 25 December 2010 with the best efforts of Brother Tallat M Khan & Brother Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui. My sincere appreciation for both of them, for giving me and my family an excellent opportunity to meet Petarian brothers, and spend one of the best evenings of our life.
– Thanks to Brother Imran Latif for capturing those memorable moments for us, two pictures are attached for you.
– I would request Brother Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui to kindly spare few moments from his valuable time and share that beautiful evening with the rest of the Petarian community.
Report By: Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif
Dear friends
as salamu alaykum
Further to Nadeem Zaigham’s email, I wanted to recap details of the Petarian dinner held at Swimming Pool Side of the Naval Complex, Islamabad on the evening of 25th December 2010.
We had a lovely and memorable evening. Full marks to Tallat Mahmood for all the time and effort he put in to make it into a tremendous event. He was the main organizer, and he arranged for all the logistics and arrangements and called everyone personally by phone to invite them. Mubashir and Owais of 2003 entry helped out greatly in making the calls. Thanks to them. And Adm. Saeed Sargana, Adm Nashat Raffi and Adm Shahid Farooq were key to deciding on how to do it and giving their full support.
Tallat had arranged for a very good double shamiana with heaters inside. The weather was cold, but it was very comfortable inside.
Nearly 100 Petarians were present along with their families. The total number of people in attendance was around 165 including families. These included 6 of our previous staff members including Lt.Gen Alam Jan Mahsud, Ch. Abdul Ghani Sb, Raja Khadim Hussain Sb, Affan Maqsood Sb, M.K. Mughal Sb and Cdr. Hayat Sb (who was Adjutant in 1976-77).
People started coming in around 7pm and for an hour and a half we got a chance to socialize and meet each other on a one to one basis. Then around 8:30pm, we started the main program where our senior teachers (described below) came and addressed us. They words of wisdom are recorded on video which we will try to post on Youtube insha Allah. But in short, they spoke of many of the old memories and their own experiences from Petaro days.
After their speeches, we introduced every single Petarian who was in attendance that evening. They stood up in batches to introduce themselves by name and kit no.
We then opened up the floor to anyone who would like to come forward to speak. Our seniors including Fayyaz Rana, Adm Saeed Sargana, Adm Farooq Rashid, Brig Khurshid, Adm Shahid Farooq, Aftab Rafiq (from California), and a few others narrated some very interesting anecdotes. Adm Farooq Rashid came up with a very interesting observation that when he was at Petaro, he never got to have the chicken legs. And then he discovered where all the legs disappeared when he visited Petaro at the time of the convention in 2004. He went to the mess and there was a bowl full of chicken legs served. The cadets of course didnt get the legs served. 🙂 Others had many more interesting things to say. We will try to have those short speeches on Youtube.
We had dinner around 9:40pm followed by a light ghazal program. The last of the guests left around 11:30pm.
The guests included many very senior Petarians, and I will name them below. But let me first describe the key guests.
The Chief Guest of the evening was Lt.Gen Alam Jan Mahsud, who was the 2nd adjutant of CCP from 1960-63. Alam Jan Sb was so kind enough to accept our invitation and grace the occasion.
The second most important guest was Ch. Abdul Ghani Sb who joined CCP in 1966 as Maths teacher and retired as Vice Principal of the College in 1997. Ghani Sb came all the way from Faisalabad to be with us. We were extremely moved at his gesture that at this age he took all this trouble out of love for us. Ghani Sb was our Asst. House Master of Latif House when I was at CCP. Later on he became the House Master of Latif House (1972-1981) and also the House Master of Iqbal House from 1984-1992. He became Vice Principal in 1996-1997.
The third important guest was Cdr.(R) Raja Khadim Hussain Sb, who joined the college as Physics teacher in 1966 and left the college in 1973 to join the Navy. He lives in Islamabad. Khadim sb has always kept up his close ties with Petarians over the years, and has always been kind enough to be present whenever I invited him.
The fourth teacher to grace the occasion was Affan Maqsood Sb who is settled in Islamabad. He joined the college in 1969 and left in 1996 as Head of Dept of English. He is one of the most respected teachers of the 70s, 80s and 90s period. Generations of Petarians remember him with great fondness. Though he was after my time, Affan Sb has always been very loving and respectful towards me. And though he was not feeling too well, he made sure to be present on the occasion.
The fifth teacher who came was Mehr Khan Mughal Sb, or Mr. M.K. Mughal. He was a contemporary of Affan Maqsood Sb, and joined the college in 1969 as English teacher. He left early in 1975. I met him first in 2004 at the time of the Convention at Petaro. He found out about the convention and came uninvited which was such a happy surprise. Later on, he also attended the Golden Jubilee celebrations. He has kept up his contacts with us eversince, and I try to make sure to invite him whenever possible. He is now settled in Chakwal and he came all the way from Chakwal to be with us that evening. He runs his own school in Chakwal now. Another important link that he has with Petaro is that his son Khursheed Mughal 7550 is a Petarian. Khursheed is settled in the USA.
Among the senior Petarians in attendance were the following (3-digit kit nos):
I will post names of all others separately insha Allah as Tallat has them. But we had friends from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the 2ks.
Those who attended were extremely happy and want this to happen at least a couple of times a year, if not more frequently. Thanks to all those who attended.
We will try to post photographs of the occasion also separately.

Those who attended this gathering

Lt.Col.(R) Fayyaz Haider Rana, 134/Jinnah
Brig.(R) Khurshid Ahmed, 174/Jinnah
Vice Adm(R) Farooq Rashid, 236/Jinnah
Rear Adm(R) Saeed Sargana, 263/Ayub
Capt Mahmood Ali Yousif, 265/Ayub
Zakim Khan Mahsud, 282/Ayub
Brig(R) Abid Abaidullah, 297/Latif
Rear Adm(R) Nashat Raffi, 426/Ayub
LtCol(R) Moneir Aslam Malik, 427/Iqbal
Brig(R) Khalid Aslam, 453/Liaquat
CaptPN(R) Mahmoodul Hasan, 459/Ayub
Zubair Awan, 502/Latif
CaptPN(R) Azizur Rehman, 516/Iqbal
Major(R) Attaullah Khan, 517/Liaquat (visting from Peshawar)
LtCol(R) Tahir Hussain, 520/Liaquat
Col(R) Zahoor Malik, 522/Iqbal
Tariq Pervez, 530/Latif
Brig(R) Dr. Nasim Akhtar Khan, 533/Qasim (visiting from Karachi)
CaptPN(R) TJ Siddiqui, 535/Jinnah
Khalid Hussain, 540/Liaquat
Aftab Rafiq Chaudhry, 552/Iqbal (visiting from California)
Rear Adm(R) Shahid Farooq, 578/Jinnah
Tallat Mahmood Khan, 590/Jinnah
Major(R) Zulfiqar Kayani, 604/Qasim
Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671/Latif
Vice Adm.(R) Shahid Iqbal, 763/Jinnah
Nadeem Zaigham, 808/Latif
Brig(R) Jawaid Alpial, 845/Qasim
Khalid Asadullah Khan, 975/Liaquat