Meeting at Regent Plaza Hotel to organize Convention 2012, Karachi – 16 December 2011

About Event

On 16 December 2011, we had the first meeting to decide on launching and organizing the Petarian Convention 2012. A number of Petarians gathered at Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi. The discussion was extremely vibrant and positive, and everyone was excited to be a part of this convention. Many ideas were floated and people volunteered to work for this event.

The meeting was followed by a dinner hosted by Mahmood Baweja.

Those who attended this gathering

Cdre(R) Z.A. Shah, 18

Altaf Shaikh, 47

Cdre(R) Mirza Ashfaque Beg, 69

Khalid Durrani, 80

Lt.Gen.(R) S.P. Shahid, 332

Capt. A. Rashid Abro, 370

Brig(R) Dr. Nasim Akhtar Khan, 533

Rear Adm(R) Abrar Hussain, 585

Cdr(R) Kamran Jazeel Farooqui, 634

Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui, 671

Lt.Col. Shahzad Ahmed Khan, 674

Shujauddin, 679

Kamal Shahid Husain, 785

Khursheed Parwez Malik, 843

Syed Refaquat Hussain Wasty, 891

Jawed Ahmed, 932

Cdr.(R) Ghulam Hyder Soomro, 980

Dr. Mazhar Nizam, 7191

Major(R) Mahyar Dhatigara, 73108

Mahmood Baweja, 7518

Syed Khalid Mahmood, 7528

Abdul Aziz Korai, 7547

Shahzad Sattar Khan, 7558

Dr. Agha Taj Mohammad, 7564

Major Aamir Rehman Syed, 7571

Gp.Capt. Muhammad Ehsanullah, 7594

Abdul Nabi Thaheem, 75103

Nizamuddin Siddiqui, 75111

Ch. Moeed Langah, 75116

Farooq Azam Memon, 7776

Khalid Mastoi, 7979

Ahsan Akhtar Khan, 85143

Dr. Asad Raza Jiskani, 9096

Aamir Mumtaz Gopang, 94101

Umair Bilal, 96100

Roshan Lal, 9887